Josue Velilla aka Jose Velilla Sotomayor is a thief who stole $1100 from my business.  He placed an order for a cluster and some other items.  We fulfilled and shipped all of these items to his shipping address in Puerto Rico.  One week after receiving the items, he claimed that he did not receive them and successfully filed a PayPal claim against us.  He got his money back and got to keep the items.  This is a person who stole a car payment, weeks of groceries and more from me and my family.  He did this because he was "away" when his $1100 package was shipped to his house and the package more than likely stolen (according to him).  He was aided and abetted by PayPal and by Shopify.  Due to the behavior of this person and these companies, we will unfortunately no longer be operating  We will be fulfilling all current orders and then ceasing operations on 4/30/22.  We will have a garage sale with some good deals on high quality items before then.  I am very sorry, but I cannot leave myself open for future thieves.  


I suggest all business owners avoid this person:

Josue Velilla

Veli's Garage
506 Calle Bouret
San Juan PR 00912
United States


  • Mar 29, 2022
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