S2000 Cluster Swap Harness (RSX and EP3)

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We are experiencing a 2-4 week wait time on all harnesses  due to a large volume of orders!


Introducing our new V2 RSX/EP3 Cluster Swap Harnesses!  Our harness offers the easiest cluster install on the market.  Whether you are using an AP1 or AP2 gauge cluster, we have a solution for you.  Please note that this harness DOES require 7-8 wires to be connected at the fuse box.  Full instructions are included.  

A signal converter is REQUIRED for use with our harness.  Without it, the speedometer, coolant temperature display, and fuel level gauge will not work on your S2000 Cluster!



02-04 RSX
05-06 RSX
EP3 Civic

Cluster Type:

Please select your Cluster Type.  AP1 is from 2000-2003 S2000s.  AP2 is from 2004 or 2005 S2000s
**2006 and up S2000 Clusters will not work!


Include Converter:

If you select to add the K Tuned Converter, you will also receive the K Tuned KTD-S2K-CON converter to fix the speed, coolant temp and fuel signals.  The converter must be programmed by you according to K Tuned's instructions.

If you already own a K Tuned converter,  please select to add the connector so your converter will plug directly into the harness with no additional wiring.  

You can also select No to just have wire leads from the harness (you will have to provide your own converter solutions) or you can have us add a connector for the K Tuned converter.


Add Functions:

If your vehicle has functional ABS, SRS or Cruise control, please let us know so we can add these functions.

Please email Sales@S2000Cluster with any questions